Flip Flops and Bras

Let’s talk about flip flops and bras! Okay, I admit it, I grew up in the era of the bra-burning feminist movement. And yes, I’m 100% in favor of women’s rights. Who wouldn’t be? C’mon, everybody deserves equality, right? But that’s not what this is about. This is about freedom. Freedom to ditch that constricting bra and freedom to wiggle your toes.

Bound and Tied

My whole life, since my first training bra when I was 12, my chest and my back have been bound and tied into an uncomfortable bra. I remember that first training bra; it took forever to get used to wearing it. But finally I succumbed. Actually, I was kind of proud to have a bra. It was sort of a rite of passage, something to brag about to your friends. Just recently though, since about a year ago, I almost never wear a bra, and Hallelujah, it feels great! ‘Am I the only one?’ I wondered. So I started talking to other women. My sister MaryEllen said she’s been ditching her bra all along as soon as she gets home from work. And my girlfriends, same thing, no bra when at home. How come I didn’t know this before? Well I know it now, and I’ve discovered a secret. You don’t have to wear a bra out in public, either. I’ve found a way to go out into public braless without anyone knowing. Get yourself a cargo shirt. You know, those shirts with double pockets over the breast areas. Put that on, and no one will have a clue what is or is not underneath.

Cramped Toes

Likewise for shoes. I hate having my toes all cramped up in those constricting toe boxes. And who was the man who invented pointed toe shoes? Try wearing those in skyscraper stilettos. No wonder so many women have crooked toes, bunions and other foot problems. But just like the bra, I’ve come to ditch shoes, too. Over the last five years or so, I wear flip flops virtually year round to almost every occasion. But just not any flip flops. I got myself one nice pair of basic black wedge flip flops and I dress them up with Flipping Bling® designs so with just one pair I can go anywhere to any event, look appropriate, feel put together, and I can wiggle my toes. Ahhh, Hallelujah, it feels great!

What’s Flipping Bling®?

What’s Flipping Bling®? It’s a system for putting interchangeable bling on flip flops. It’s a simple, patent-pending invention that is easy to put on (and take off) and no tools are needed. It’s all hook and loop, and once you put it on your flip flops, you can attach dozens of designs to match your mood, your outfit, your occasion. From bohemian chic to elegant sophistication, from whimsical bejeweled bees to animal print and polka dot bows to biker-chick denim studded fringe, there’s a Flipping Bling® design that will elevate your flip flops, make your feet and you look gorgeous, and help you feel even more beautiful. Best of all, you can still wiggle your toes! Now that’s freedom.

Flipping Bling Fashion Note: Make your one pair of flip flops look like two, ten or twenty. Change your look within seconds. Learn about the Bling Maker™ base and pop over to our shop page to find your perfect designs.