Cheap flip flops are our friends

Cheap flip flops typically serve as a situational friend; perfect for certain outfits and weather permitting events, but never a truly permanent entity in our closet. We all fall to the annual trends of summer footwear, imagining ourselves in the hottest bikinis with the trendiest sandals to match. We justify the hundreds we spend on these fads by declaring their multipurposeness. “I can wear these peach platforms with my floral bikini, maxi skirt, and my white sundress!” Yet, we forget exactly what these financial investments are, fads. The quickly fading enthusiasm for bright colors is replaced for neutrals, making your vividly pink platforms another pair of flip flops final destination, the trash. You promise yourself to make wiser financial decisions. “I will never spend that much money on a pair of flip flops again,” but this voice of reason eventually succumbs to the rationalization of, “I can wear it with so much!” and “There’s no way this can go out of style!” Hence, repeating the endless cycle of disposable summer footwear. But, what if there was a solution to this financial and ecological crisis? What if there was a way to stay on-trend, save money, and help heal the environment in the process? This solution is Flipping Bling®.

Detachable and interchangeable bling

Flipping Bling flip flop designs are detachable and interchangeable so you can turn one pair of cheap flip flops into many pairs of designer-looking flip flops! The casual I Dream Of Jeansie denim design can be replaced with the Let Freedom Ring Bling for the July 4th family cookout, producing oohs and ahhs from your appreciative relatives. The chic design of the Pansy Purple Butterfly Bling can be added to heeled flip flops to make any outfit appear expensive. Flipping Bling’s designs can be switched out in seconds, making them perfect for any occasion, saving you closet space and money.

Don’t buy too many pairs of cheap flip flops

An average pair of cheap flip flops costs around $1 to $20 or $30. So buying multiple pairs a year can quickly funnel your checking account number down by hundreds. One Flipping Bling design pair can cost as little as $9.95. A Flipping Bling bundle of three bling designs creating three different pairs of flip flops can cost as low as $29. Essentially, Flipping Bling allows you to buy three pairs of flip flops for the price of one! This economical choice, while it appears too good to be true, is realistic, even in the trends of present society.

The fashion-forward designs of Flipping Bling can be compared to many popular flip flops today. The only difference is that Flipping Bling offers the product at a fraction of the price!



Save $25

The Women’s You St. Tropez Flip Flop Sandals pictured on the left cost a whopping $42, while the handmade Lola Leopard bling design with turquoise, amber rhinestone and silver beads is just $15.95. Pair that with Dollar Store flip flops and your total cost is only $17!  Or try an exotic zebra print bow, handmade with dazzling rhinestones, also only $15.95 /pair.


Save $117 

Why would you spend $130 to be weighed down all day by Swarovski Crystals, when you can achieve the same radiant effect with the delicate, featherlight ribbons and crystal clear rhinestone of handmade Your Silver Lining bling design for just $15.95.  Pair that with Dollar Store flip flops, and your total cost is only $17.  Not a fan of Dollar Store flip flops? Not a problem! You can add Your Silver Lining to any flip flops – Havaianas, TKEES, Guess, Sanuk, Old Navy, Vioinic, Flojos, Rainbows, you name it.


Save $26 

Add Bluesy Woozie Bling, a near-identical replica of the Hope Flip Flop, to Dollar Store flip flops and you’ll save nearly $30!

Interchangeable designs

Flipping Bling’s interchangeable designs saves a large amount of money, as well as countless lives. The aquatic animals of the sea are rescued from excessive plastic pollution, and your social life will be revived with the trendiest blings on the market. So, buy a bling, and save a life.

Whether you are shopping for a specific event, color, or design, Flipping Bling has you covered at an inexpensive price! Or, if you are shopping for a dupe to some of the high-end flip flop designers, we likely have one located in our diverse catalog! Flipping Bling is a rising leader in the manufacturing world regarding our affordability and pollution prevention. So, buy any pair of cheap flip flops, buy some bling, and join our team.

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