Introducing Bling Maker™ - The Magic behind Flipping Bling®

(Patent Pending)

How to Apply Patent-Pending Bling Maker™ Base:

You can make any flip flops look like designer footwear.


The Bling Maker™ base is made of hook and loop. Only the soft part goes against your skin and you can’t even feel it. Guaranteed soft and comfortable. Simply wrap the long straps around your flip flop straps. Trim off any excess with scissors. Voila! You’re ready to attach a variety of interchangeable bling you can change in seconds. Turn one pair into dozens.

Order soon!  For a limited time, when you purchase any of our bling designs, we include the matching Bling Maker base. That’s an extra $2.45 value.  If you want to purchase extra Bling Makers, use link below for A&B combo pack. 

Get the most out of your Bling Maker:  7-minute Tips & Tricks video .



Bling Maker™ base A & B

$4.90   $3.95



  1. Begin with toe part of flip flop facing away from you.


  1. Place top part of Bling Maker base (top part of rectangle [A] or top part of round piece [B] ) on top of thong part of flip flop.  Make sure ends of Bling Maker straps are pointing toward front of sandal.


  1. You’ll notice the Bling Maker base straps are soft on one side and rough on the other side. Make sure the soft side is up; that will ensure only the soft side goes against your skin.

4. Wrap the Bling Maker straps tightly around flip flop straps. Trim off any excess with scissors. (Long straps enable you to customize Bling Maker base to your flip flops).

5. Now you’re ready to attach bling; the bling connects to the Bling Maker base via hook and loop.

For footwear other than basic flip flops, we also offer the Universal Bling Maker

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