Universal Bling Maker

How it works:

How to use the Universal Bling Maker

If you want to temporarily attach Flipping Bling® designs to your shoes or sandals, you can with the Universal Bling Maker!

Simple and EASY.  No Tools Needed!

The Universal Bling Maker contains self-sticking tape and self-sticking dots that integrate with the hook and loop system of Flipping Bling.

Using scissors, cut 2″ lengths of tape and stick the tape to your shoes or sandals. Then, via hook and loop, attach a Flipping Bling design. The dots work best with larger bling styles and apply the same way.

The kit contains enough material for 5 pairs of shoes. You get

  • One ½” x 12” tape of self-sticking loop material (enough for 3 pairs of shoes)
  • One pair of self-sticking 1-7/8” loop dots (aka coins) (for 1 pair of shoes)
  • One pair of self-sticking 1-3/8” loop dots (aka coins) (for 1 pair of shoes)

The Universal Bling Maker is offered with introductory pricing of $3.99.

We have done our best to ensure the self-sticking tape or dots won’t leave a blemish or residue on shoes, however, we cannot guarantee this will not happen; please use at your own risk. 


Universal Bling Kit

$3.99  Sale $2.99

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