Look Beautiful In Flip Flops

Are you hesitant to go out in your flip flops because your toes are exposed to the world? Are you uncomfortable about your feet? Do you feel undressed in your flip flops?

That was me, too. I love to wear flip flops and I’ve always wanted pretty feet, but the toe gods had something else in mind. And it made me think, what can I do?

Turn Your Flip Flops Into Fabulous, Fun Fashion Statements

It took me several years to figure this out, but I am happy to say I invented Flipping Bling®, an easy way to turn any flip flops, yours too, into fabulous, fun, fashion statements that make you and your feet look and feel great.

Now you can proudly show off your feet, adorn your flip flops with bows, beads and bling, and put your best feet forward. If you’re self-conscious like I am, you can feel confident that your tootsies are adorned with Flipping Bling® and your feet look beautiful.

Make Inexpensive Flip Flops Into 20+ High-fashion Designs

Women constantly stop me and ask, ‘Where’d you get those cute flip flops?’ Ha! I can quickly turn one pair of inexpensive flip flops into 20 high-fashion designs. And now I can proudly parade around in comfortable, open-air flip flops, feeling like a million bucks. That’s why I created Flipping Bling®, so anybody can wear flip flops and feel flipping great.

• Flipping Bling® is Eco-friendly. All you need is one pair of flip flops which means fewer pairs end up in landfills or oceans. You don’t have to feel guilty about looking great.

• When your flip flops do wear out, get new flip flops and use the same bling.

• But wait, there’s more! Not only do your flip flops (and your feet) look fabulous, but also one pair of flip flops can go from the boardwalk to a business meeting to a night out on the town.

• More still! Match your mood, match your outfit, match your occasion with Flipping Bling®. You wear jewelry to complete your look; why not accessorize your flip flops, too.

• And think of the space you’ll save in your suitcase when you travel.

Patent Pending Design

In my quest to create this, I consulted with industrial engineers at 3M® and Velcro®. They were enormously generous, sharing both their knowledge and samples of their materials. This invention went through many complicated incarnations before I finally developed this unique, patent-pending design.

You can put it on any flip flops from thin straps to thick, from discount store to designer brand flip flops. If you want one style flip flop that the Flipping Bling® designs always look good on, get yourself a pair of black wedge flip flops with thin straps. You will be able to go from casual to formal occasions, look good, and feel like you fit in.

Flipping Bling® — a simple, inexpensive way to make your boring flip flops look fun, make you look confident, and help you feel even more beautiful.

Flipping Bling Fashion Note: Make your one pair of flip flops look like two, ten or twenty. Change your look within seconds. Learn about the Bling Maker™ base and pop over to our shop page to find your perfect designs.