When is it Okay to Wear Flip Flops?

Living in the south, we never ask, “When is it okay to wear flip flops.” We wear them anytime, all the time, and to any place. When the queen of couture Anna Wintour says she loves flip flops, fashion aficionados take note: Flip flops have been elevated to a whole new level. WhoWhatWear columnist Allyson Payer wonders if Anna would really wear flip flops and if so, what kind. We’d like to predict that Anna would wear a simple black wedge adorned with vibrant Pansy Purple, one of our hand-beaded and hand-sequined butterflies to go beautifully with one of her print dresses.

Flip Flops Style Renaissance

According to a recent market research report by SBDC University of Pennsylvania, “flip flops are having a bit of a style renaissance, showing up in collections from brands that never made them before like Totême, Everlane, and Staud.” Recently flip flops have been featured on runways of designers. And celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are stepping out in flip flops costing $600 to $900 and more. But who in real life can afford that kind of crazy money?

Wear Flip Flops Anytime!

So when is it okay to wear flip flops? For all intents and purposes, the right flip flops are fine to wear on the boardwalk, to a business meeting, or to a night out on the town. And even better news, you can look stylish and put-together for an affordable price. We like the black wedge flip flop “Olivia” by Flojos; you can usually find them for around $30. They’re well made, last a long time and look good. For just a few dollars more, that one pair of black wedges can be made to look bohemian chic in our pastels Petal Power, polished and professional in our Take A Bow collection, sophisticated in our Diamonds, My Dear collection, and that’s just a small sampling of possibilities.



Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour says “… clothes that have a life and that you can wear again and again … is very much in step with … the way that fashion is going right now with sustainability.” We think Anna is right; your flip flops can have sustainability.  You can wear the same one pair over and over, again and again, and make them look different everytime with Flipping Bling® designs.

Flipping Bling Fashion Note: Make your one pair of flip flops look like two, ten or twenty. Change your look within seconds. Learn about the Bling Maker™ base and pop over to our shop page to find your perfect designs.