lip Flop, Sandals, or Thongs – That’s The Question

I’m finding that many people refer to my flip flops as sandals. Some call them Thongs. Wait! What? What do you call your flip flops?


When I think of sandals, I see straps, buckles, and stuff. But, that’s just me. You can wear socks with sandals, right? Who wears socks with flip flops? Real flip flop people do not wear socks with flip flops! 


Are you a “thong” person? No, I’m not asking about your underwear preference. But, some people call flip flops thongs. I get it. I mean, I see the thong similarity. I suppose, “thong” makes more sense than sandals….maybe. Nah,  when I think of thongs, I think of the other kind. 

Flip Flops

They get their name from the sound they make when you walk. Flip. Flop. Flip. Flop. Sandals do not make flip flop sounds. I don’t think thongs make a sound either. What’s wrong with just calling them flip flops?