Flipping Bling®

Step One

Attach The Bling Maker™

Your Bling Maker™  kit includes mounts to fit almost every style of flip flop. Simply wrap the mount around your straps. Each package includes detailed instructions and the video below demonstates the simple process.

Step Two

Attach the Flipping Bling®

All Flipping Bling® componants are manufactured with their hook and loop attachments. Once the Bling Maker® universal base is added to your flip flops, the bling simply sticks to the base.  Mix and/or match designs.

Step Three

Be A Flipping Show Off

Everyone will notice your bling! We would appreciate you sharing your bling on social media. Be sure to tag us @FlippingBling to be eligible for Flipping prizes and to be featured in our Flipping Blog!.


Video Installation Instructions