Turn Your Flip Flops Into A Fashion Statement

  • In just a few seconds you can turn your ho-hum flip flops into expensive-looking, designer-type footwear.
  • Apply the patent-pending Bling Maker® attacher to your flip flops, and with our interchangeable bling, you can turn one pair into dozens.
  • The Bling Maker® attacher is easy to put on and take off, and no tools are needed.
  • Now with just one pair of flip flops and our Flipping Bling designs you can match your mood, your outfit, your occasion, and your feet will look fabulous.
  • Help save our planet. Now you only need one pair of flip flops so fewer end up in our landfills and oceans.

Some of our Flipping Bling® Collections

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Pretty Little Wings

$12.95 /pair


Take A Bow

$15.95 /pair


Tassel My Fancy

$12.95 /pair

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